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About Ashley


Thank you for visiting my website! On Tuesdays, I post about books I have a bookmark in, mostly from my local library. On Thursdays, my film thoughts are lovingly and purely from my opinion. For short stories, my ideas come from daily experiences and thoughts crawling through my mind, begging for attention. I sleep next to an open notebook. My pen flows when I have a great idea.

With 826 LA, I am a Personal Statements Volunteer. Sitting across from high school seniors, sure and unsure of higher education, they leave the session with powerful words on paper, more empowered to apply for college. I am also a Young Authors Book Project Volunteer and Editor, a yearly project where high school students have the opportunity to become a published author.

I graduated from San Francisco State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English & Creative Writing with a fiction concentration. My work has been published in At The Margins, Rigorous, Blink-Ink and Brit + Co. I read short fiction for CRAFT Literary Journal. I am querying literary agents for my debut novel. I reside in Los Angeles, CA.

You can contact me on Twitter @driedinkpen or by email,

The photo is of me outside of one of the theaters below Acropolis in Athens, Greece.