"White Boy Rick"

I watched this film on the edge of my seat. There were equal parts violence and an emotional core within the family Rick Wershe (Richie Merritt) belongs to and the family he gains influence and wealth with and believes cares for him. The hustle will be controlled. By any means necessary.

Matthew McConaughey could convince me that rubbing my arm against a cactus is a healing method. He is stunning as Rick’s father. Richie Merritt held power in his scenes. Piper Laurie aka Carrie’s mother is delightful in the very few scenes that she is in. Bruce Dern is wonderful. Bel Powley is astonishing as Dawn, Rick’s sister, who is a drug addict. Jonathan Majors is sharp as Johnny Curry, a drug lord. Taylour Paige is commanding as Cathy, Curry’s wife. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a conniving FBI agent that still brings out the heart. Rory Cochran plays an unsympathetic and hungry FBI Agent. Brian Tyree Henry plays a detective. He must have more scenes where he is not in the backseat of a car. I was pleasantly surprised to see YG in the film, who gives a solid acting performance as one of Curry’s crew members. RJ Cyler, Kyanna Simone Simpson, Eddie Marsan and Danny Brown lead a wonderful supporting cast.

The last twenty minutes of this film were revelatory. Writers Andy Weiss, Noah Miller and Logan Miller use the consequences and adrenaline of selling drugs and guns as every character has good and bad in their being, which is the strength of this film. The prison system is put under the microscope and the chips that fall for Rick is the crux of the story. Director Yann Demarge takes in the grim and cold parts of Detroit to drive the story. Max Richter crafts a stunning soundtrack and score with the pulse of the 80’s and the tension of the film. Darren Aronofsky also served as a producer.