"Game Night"

When I saw that Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler and Jesse Plemons, who normally do dramatic roles, were in this film, I was sold to catch it at Redbox. The film centers on a couple Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie, who met at a game night. When Max’s brother, Brooks (Kyle Chandler) arrives to town, almost literal hell ensues.

Jason Bateman is his signature comedic and oblivious self. Kylie Bunbury is delightful and funny as Michelle, one of the game night friends. Lamorne Morris brings the action along with the humor as Kevin, Michelle’s husband. Kyle Chandler is suave and facetious. Jesse Plemons is wonderful and creepy as Gary, the neighbor. Bryan Magnussen is magnetic as Ryan. Sharon Horgan is dryly humored as Sharon. Chelsea Perretti only has one scene yet is captivating. There is a character that added a cool addition to the cast. Casting Director Rich Delia created a cast that has stunning chemistry.

Mark Perez wrote a funny and raucous film that employed characters to add depth to the story. Most of the scenarios stop before getting too out of hand, which keep the intrigue. Directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein drive the wild ride and the antics of the story. This film also brings back the belief that a lot can be done in one hour and thirty-three minutes.

I would not mind a sequel to this film.