I watch the first film every year so watching this film with the iconic opening scene essential to the films before the music started playing for the opening credits was a wonderful ride. This film is gruesome with no mercy from this Michael Myers.

Andi Matichak embodied the teenage angst for an introduction as a scream queen as Allyson, Laurie’s granddaughter. She also gives me low-key Kirsten Dunst vibes. Her character can start a new franchise, although I would also like to see this story end. Judy Greer is wonderful and strong as Karen, Laurie’s daughter. Jamie Lee Curtis has evolved Laurie in all of the pain and power she exerts. Jibrail Nantambu is THE breakout of the film as Julian, one of the kids. Haluk Bilginer plays Dr. Sartain, Michael’s psychiatrist with his own intentions of understanding his subject. Omar J. Dorsey arrived onscreen and the whole audience sulked, just knowing he was going to die. Spoiler Alert: him and his cowboy hat survive. Dylan Arnold, Will Patton, Jefferson Hall, Virginia Gardner, Drew Scheid, Toby Huss and Rhian Rees round a remarkable supporting cast.

There are odes to the first film including, Allyson sitting in the back of the classroom just like Laurie did, kids running into Michael Myers, the linen hanging on the clothespins, one of the kids openly smokes pot in the morning. There is a team of course making a podcast. Good grief.

Will Files and P.K. Hooker did a phenomenal job with the sound effects. Even when you did not see someone being murdered, the sound is indebted into your psyche. Writers David Gordon Green, Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley scrapping all of the films was a good idea except for Halloween H20, which was the second best film of the series. Although I doubt Josh Hartnett would have been in this film. There were random parts of the film and still little knowledge of Michael. Director David Gordon Green takes the audience directly into the action and horror the characters endure.

The question I had was: how did Laurie make money to have her floor plan? She is going to have to rethink her floor plan as well.