"Collateral Beauty"

This film was a part of the selection on my flight to London. I took in the opportunity to see a film I debated seeing in theaters.

Howard (Will Smith) moves quickly from the time of his commanding, empowering words to employees of his company into the sorrow of building dominoes as a form of grief, due to the loss of his daughter. His business associates and friends Whit, Claire and Simon (Edward Norton, Kate Winslet and Michael Peña) desperately need Howard to be on board before they lose a huge client and thus their company. What follows is the discovery of the place between life and death.

Will Smith is gives breath to Howard’s emotions. Naomie Harris is wonderful as Madeleine, who attends a grieving parents group. Keira Knightley is warm as Love. Helen Mirren is charismatic as Death. Jacob Lattimore is a standout as Time. Edward Norton is remarkable. Kate Winslet is captivating in her control to be a friend and also maintain the function of the company. Michael Peña is stunning, with parts humor and drama. The ensemble has heartfelt chemistry.

Writer Allan Loeb brings grief in all its frustrations and wonder with the full use of each character. Director Dave Frankel captures New York City as a driving force with sensibility that compliments the story. Costume Designer Leah Katznelson puts Death in this chic blue outfit with a blue beret that is a striking contrast to the grim color of death.

A wonderful surprise happens at the end of the film that ties the story nicely.