"Been So Long"

I was confused when I heard people singing, then saw in the opening credits that this film was based off of a musical. Instead of the dread I normally feel about a musical, the music was a delightful and meaningful piece to a wonderful and reflective film.

Michaela Coel is stunning and strong as Simone, a single mother who puts herself first in finding passion and love in a mate. Ronke Adekoluejo is incredible with humor and drama as Yvonne, Simone’s sexually liberated friend. Arinzé Kene is charming as Raymond, a man building away from his past transgressions. For some reason Simone’s daughter is not credited but she was the heart of the film with her humor and also her power to not be treated differently because she is disabled. Ashley Thomas plays Wendell, Raymond’s friend, who is a conscious for Raymond. George MacKay, Joe Dempsie, Sophia La Porta and Luke Norris form a solid supporting cast.

Screenwriter Ché Walker wrote a film where drama is sparse and it is wonderful to watch people fall in love realistically. Director Tinge Krishnan brings London in the warmth of the day and the night shine for each of the scenes. There is an intimacy the audience feels that is prolific. Costume Designer Lisa Duncan created looks that distinguish the characters to their personality. Simone wears a two-toned furry coat that I am coveting. Composer Christopher Nicholas Bangs created songs that range in being upbeat, emotional, cheeky yet all drive the story.

The film is remarkably artful. I am in awe of the incorporation of dance to bring the sensuality.

You can watch this film on Netflix.