"12 Years A Slave"

The acting in this film is what catapults this story. Yes, this film is about slavery but focuses on the unbelievable story of Solomon Northup. Chiwetel Ejiofor holds the mind with the caliber of an actor he in fact is.

The story tells of anger and despair but also triumph. I was amazed by Solomon’s fight for his life. I was heartbroken by his relationship with Patsy. His life when he returned home was unimaginable. How would he return to life? The background of his life before kidnapped into slavery spoke of history as well.

I liked that the film was a little over two hours as it could have been a three-hour opus. There are brutal scenes but those same scenes are powerful for the story. There is no holding back. The emotion is so raw and striking.

Paul Dano is a rising actor and made my blood boil, which means his performance as a master was great. Michael Fassbender, Sarah Paulson, Alfre Woodard, Brad Pitt and the captivating Lupita Nyong’o are apart of the riveting ensemble.