"A Wrinkle In Time"

Go into this film with imagination. The visuals are a feast on the eyes. The story tackles societal issues including bullying, peer pressure and relationships between children and their father. I do feel the story was rushed. Jumping from one idea to the next.

Deric McCabe is the highlight of this film. Kids are usually the best part of any film. He is mesmerizing. Storm Reid carries the gravity as Meg especially for her first role let alone in a big budget film. She emerges from being timid to being a warrior. Reese Witherspoon looks good with red hair. She plays into the whimsical nature of her role. Levi Miller is great as Calvin, Meg’s friend. I like how their dynamic plays out. All the times he looked at her and complimented her hair. For a small role, Zach Galifianakis gives a strong and humorous performance. Michael Peña gives a friendly and slightly menacing performance. Andre Holland is commanding. His scene with Meg engaged me. Rowan Blanchard played Meg’s bully Veronica convincingly with pain and dominance. Oprah is prolific, studded eyebrows and all. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is sensational in the emotions of her role. I didn’t care for Mindy Kaling’s role until I understood what she was doing. She plays a role departed from her signature characters and it is welcomed. And there is Chris Pine and his salt and pepper beard *Eartha Kitt purr* He is also warm and magnetic in a emotional role.

I like the film for not being overly done. Where the story or jokes stumble, the film picks back up. Ava DuVernay brings a biracial girl to the screen with monumental hurdles ahead of her that anyone could relate to. That is the other reason why you go to see this film.