"All Eyez On Me"

A great feat to capture in under one hour and a half the life of one of the greatest rappers of all time. Demetrius Shipp Jr. embodied Tupac Shakur in his swagger, stage presence and demeanor.

What I love about the story is the relationship between Tupac and his mother, Afeni. It was a focus throughout the film. Danai Gurira delivers the empowering spirit of Afeni that inspired Tupac’s lyrics and thoughts.

One part that irked me while watching this film was the the actor who played Snoop Dogg. It sounded as though he was lip syncing his lines.

The film isn’t too violent and isn’t overly sexual, which could be attributed by how Tupac carried himself. The story flows to tell his hardships, experiences and achievements. The supporting cast gave solid performances to drive the story.