This film will take your senses on a fantastic voyage. Everything that happens in the film is realistic and carries the story. This film challenged my normal movie going experience. I don’t like blood but I tipped down my hat during the couple of scenes.

Every actor showed up in their performances. Natalie Portman is stunning as Lena. Even the hang of her hair is captivating. Tessa Thompson is stoic and gorgeous in her performance as Josie, a timid physicist until she isn’t. Jennifer Jason Leigh is powerful in a quietly toned performance. Tuva Novotny, who favors Noomi Rapace, is incredible. I haven’t seen her in anything prior and she holds her own. Gina Rodriguez buhlew me away. She shapes herself in a phenomenal performance. Oscar Isaac, Benedict Wong and David Gyasi round out a strong supportive cast.

Watching these women take charge and analyze a unknown and frightening world is incredible. Writer/Director Alex Garland champions a wonderful novel adaptation. There are flashbacks seamlessly throughout the film. Even in The Shimmer, American simplicity is alive. The relationship between Lena and Kane also exemplifies that. The visual effects are inviting on the eyes. The creatures are menacing. Music by Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury amplify the film. Quiet also seeps into parts of the film.