Robert Miller (Richard Gere) is quite the multitasker. He is an hedge fund manager, family man and philanthropist. He has the dream life with limousine service, fine dining and the mistress. When a deadly car crash threatens to unravel his pending major business deal, Robert enlists Jimmy (Nate Parker), a young man trying to rebuild his life by staying out of trouble, to help cover the tracks. This business deal would also save Robert’s finances and keep his pristine image.

Richard Gere gives a charged performance with sex appeal and confidence. Susan Sarandon plays Ellen, the typical nonchalant upper crust wife. Laetitia Casta plays Julie, Robert’s distressed mistress and is good for the few scenes she is in. Brit Marling is commanding onscreen as Brooke, Robert’s loyal daughter who works with him at his firm. Tim Roth is Detective Bryer and hell bent on convicting Robert. While I was not interested in how Jimmy was introduced in the film, his story became a life lesson in the turn of events. The relationship between Robert and Jimmy was not quite explained but he treated Jimmy like a son. The film is one hour and forty-seven minutes, which seems to be a feat for film today. Writer and director Nicholas Jarecki brings the audience into a world of wealth and opulence but tells the consequence of every character’s actions in thrilling twists. Graydon Carter, with the most recognizable hair aside from Donald Trump, has an acting appearance in the film.