"Baby Driver"

The soundtrack is the pulse of the film. I didn’t expect the film to be as violent as it was. Jamie Foxx plays Bats, a man who thinks he is tough but is never without his gun. Eiza González plays Darling, who is alluring and takes no prisoners. Jon Hamm plays Buddy, a character that is different than anything he has played (I’m really thinking about “The Town”). Buddy is gritty and careless of consequences. Jon Bernthal plays Griff, a guy with all bark and no bite. All of the characters are curious about Baby (Ansel Elgort) almost in an envious tone. Kevin Spacey plays Doc, a crime boss. Kevin carries the role in his signature dramatic acting ability.

I was more interested in the relationship between Baby and Joseph (CJ Jones), Baby’s caretaker than the relationship between Baby and Debora (Lily James). Whatever is put on Joseph’s sandwich, he likes it spread to the edges. Baby has a intriguing story that unfolds and pieces together the nuisances.

Ansel Elgort shows himself to be a well-rounded actor (romantic, action, comedy, dramatic). Lily James is sweet as Debora. As she becomes more involved with Baby, her instincts start to show.

Director and Writer Edgar Wright drives the camera to bring the audience into the action, utilizing Atlanta as a playground for crime. The film in a way pays homage to Pulp Fiction and The Outsiders, the latter particularly with the names. Music Supervisor Steven Price provides the music that becomes essential to the story.