"Bad Words"

Crude. Hilarious. Heartwarming. The story is not just about being the best but wanting to achieve something in this existence we call life.

The character Guy Trilby is a more sensitive role for Jason Bateman, who also makes his directorial debut, and is a welcomed departure. He has the most outstanding chemistry with a young actor named Rohan Chand, who plays Chaitanya Chopra, a precocious, dedicated and curious spelling bee contestant. Rachael Harris is funny as an overbearing mother of one of the contestants and who also despises Guy. Kathryn Hahn, Ben Falcone, Phillip Baker Hall and Allison Janney round out the strong cast.

To have the story set around a spelling bee competition is striking. It pulls the audience to view mistakes and triumphs through the cutthroat competition. Guy relives his lost childhood. Chaitanya is trying to retain his childhood. Jason’s attentive direction and Andrew Dodge’s endearing screenplay make “Bad Words” an engaging and thought provoking film.