"Call Me By Your Name"

This film is too gorgeous for this earth. It is also slow. Maybe because the whole time I wondered, “WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO GET IT ON?”. The roll of the romance between Elio and Oliver is sensual. It is a patient slow watching them fall in love. The slow feel of Northern Italy is mesmerizing in the camera of Director Luca Guadagnino. The language in the adaptation by Screenwriter James Ivory is authentic blending French, Italian and English. The words Elio and Oliver whisper between each other glow like candlelight.

Elio already comes from a loving and touching family so didn’t seem out of the norm when Oliver touched his shoulders. The resistance and allure of touch shaped the discovery that they liked each other. I loved that the audience can use their imagination of how they made love.

When Elio’s girlfriend, Marzia came by all I could think of was “girl go home”. While he respected her in sorts, his infactuation and longing for Oliver made her irrelevant.

Timothée Chalamet delivers a stunning performance. He is cool and suave balanced with the remarkable emotion of the feelings Elio carries for Oliver. Armie Hammer is fantastic. He meets Timothée in the emotional connection between Elio & Oliver. He is lovely and also embodies the reality that the timeline of their romance is to be short lived. Michael Stuhlbarg, Amira Casar and Esther Garrel lead a incredible supporting cast.

I found myself wiping water from my eyes, wondering what it was. I realized I was crying. I can’t even think of the last movie that made me cry.

Everything that is old is new again. This film is set in 1983 yet looks like the present. The pulses of the film is driven by the music in each and every scene. Costume Designer Guilia Persanti stitches each character’s personality through their clothing. Swim shorts for the summer, breathable clothes and a button down shirt Elio treasures.

I love this film for showing a love story. It pulled at my heartstrings. The film felt rich with life.