In this outstanding and emotionally driven film, the story leaves you intrigued and engaged. When a priest (Brendan Gleeson) is threatened in confession to be gruesomely murdered for a crime he did not commit but by his association as a priest, he begins to constantly look over his shoulder. Brendan Gleeson gives a gripping performance. He balances the emotions of the story. That makes him a strong lead. Chris O’Dowd is thoroughly mesmerizing. Kelly Reilly, Domhall Gleeson and Aiden Gillen are apart of this ensemble. Writer/Director John McDonaugh is masterful in detailing the well-crafted story. I was mostly taken aback by how people disrespectfully talked to and treated the priest. There is strong sexual language and it was quite eye opening how the priest just listened. The vast isles and waters of Ireland give a breathtaking addition to this film about consequences, revenge and salvation. I highly recommend this film.