"Captain America: Winter Soldier"

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” has set the bar high for every Marvel film that will be onscreen. It would be insulting to call this film a sequel, as very rarely is a sequel even better than the first film. The film is action packed with a strong storyline, a combination rare in a comic book film. The fight sequences are so gaspingly breathtaking you will not be able handle it.

The premier purveyor of independent film, Robert Redford, is in the blockbuster. Samuel L. Jackson remains his born this way cool as Nick Fury. There was one point in the film I wanted him to say mothaf**ka but realized it would be inappropriate with a theater full of kids. Anthony Mackie was in incredible physical shape and apart of the comic relief as a great addition to the cast. Emily VanCamp was good as Agent 13 in the few scenes she had. Cobie Smulders had more action than just the girl behind the highly technical board. Scarlett Johansson is a killer goddess. Chris Evans seems to be more comfortable as Captain America. Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier was very good but his “I Woke Up Like This” wig was bothering me.

There is no other way to see this film but in the theater unless you have the bomb.com/~imcomingtoyohouse theater system. You will also want to see it with a group of friends to revel in what you just watched.