The American Dream. This idea is at the center of this thrilling drama about Dr. Bennett Omalu and his discovery of CTE. He is a Nigerian forensic pathologist. He drives a Mercedes Benz. He owns items and trinkets that he believes makes him an American. As revered “son of the city” Mike Webster commits suicide, it is peculiar to Dr. Omalu that Webster had fell on hard times. It is until Dr. Omalu studies Webster’s brain that reveals a battle to save football players and gain the recognition of Dr. Omalu’s work. As more and more football players feel the aftermath of head trauma, it is hard to ignore Dr. Omalu’s work. Will Smith portrays Dr. Omalu with sensitivity, humor and pure heart. Alex Baldwin, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Albert Brooks play outstanding supporting roles. “Concussion” is a well-rounded film worth seeing for its level to engage beliefs and ideas in the pursuit of respect and achievement through persistence.