The legacy of “Rocky” is restored with this incredible story of ambition, drive and redemption.

Michael B. Jordan is outstanding as Adonis Johnson, the arrogant and passionate son of Apollo Creed. He plays the role with many facets that display his immense talent. Also, his body is everything. Sylvester Stallone is fantastic as Rocky. He delivers a dramatic and comedic one-two punch. The chemistry between him and Jordan is electrifying. Tessa Thompson, who plays Bianca, Adonis’ love interest is solid. Her character meets Adonis’ ambition and hunger to achieve. Phylicia Rashad is captivating in her supporting role.

Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington complete an outstanding story that is fresh for a story that is almost forty years old. You can still see this film, even if you have never seen a “Rocky” film. Music by Ludwig Goransson pulsates the film including the iconic theme.