"Doctor Strange"

This film is visually captivating. I was in awe watching the action scenes, which were spaced well throughout the film. The story unfolded and took its time to explain the good vs. evil and how Doctor Strange became who he was even for those like me who didn’t know about this character.

I was ready to write off Rachel McAdams character, Dr. Palmer, but she held her own in the film with a arc that wasn’t too predictable. I loved seeing actors who normally do smaller or independent films star in a blockbuster. I’m also looking at you, Chiwetel Ejiofor who was commanding. Benedict Cumberbatch held his own as the title character (even with the corny jokes in the film). Mads Mikkelsen was a perfect villain (but when has he not played a perfect villain?).

Tilda Swinton was great in the movie. However, I too think the character should have been played by a Chinese actress.