"Don Jon"

“Don Jon” It’s sexual. It’s unromantic. It’s bros over hoes. It’s reality.

For such an intellectual, it was weird that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would write and direct his first film with a storyline including porn, sex and reality shows as it seemed like he could do a story with more depth. However, Joseph uses art to portray his understanding of the world particularly through entertainment. Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson) has standards and holds to them, which makes her more than the hot girl at the club every guy wants to smash. She is also the delusional romcom lover. Jon Martello (JGL) is the man who takes home “the girl” every weekend, has his vices, goes to church and makes up his bed. Through Joe’s relationship with Barbara, he questions what he values most, not just finding the answer through being with Barbara.

Scarlett Johansson is wonderful. Her accent is on point. She really played with the scenes, most of which seemed improvised. Brie Larson as Monica, Jon’s sister, probably gives the best performance as she sits on her cell phone all day and shows that people should only speak when they really have something to say. It was great to see Rob Brown onscreen as Bobby, Jon’s keep it real Jiminy Cricket. Julianne Moore is delightful and rolls into the camera with her emotions, bohemian vibe and advice and yes, readiness to be naked. Also Anne Hathaway, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Channing Tatum were some of the great cameo players.

New Jersey is the perfect setting for this film seeing as that for years was the center of the cultural phenomenon, “Jersey Shore.” Was Bobby supposed to not have an accent?

“Don Jon” isn’t predictable and is what a 90 minute film should be. You laugh. You think. It’s entertaining. The meticulous narration of sex does have a feel of the narration in “American Psycho.”