"Girl, You Be Killin' 'Em"

I can’t get over Brie Larson’s performance in “Don Jon.” Why? I’m glad you asked.

Young people today are known for being connected to their cell phone, glued to the keyboard, attracted to the glow from the screen. Brie plays Monica, Jon’s sister, whose only scenes are in church and the dinner table and always on her phone. Older people are known for speaking when they have something important to say. Jon’s parents would bicker back and forth saying nothing with substance and showing disconnect in their relationship.

There is a curiosity about Monica. Does she go to school? Is she ever going to talk? What is her data plan? At the pivotal moment in Jon’s life, Monica is the voice of reasoning, perking up his ears and expanding his mind. To be honest, I don’t remember what Monica said but you will have to see the film to find out. If you have already seen it, congratulations!

It was very clever on Joseph’s part to write a character from the obsessed generation of technology being the shift to breaking down the point of the film while bridging the age gap stunningly in the moment of clarity. Monica emerges to not be pointless but to be the most observant and in-depth of all the characters. It is also due to Brie’s delivery, which is astounding.