"Gone Girl"

Rosamund Pike is an absolute knock out in her role as Amy Elliot Dunne. She has a helluva role to play and does it so intricately that as you watch her, you feel mostly sympathetic to her despite the measures she goes through and the people she hurts along the process.

With the volumes of books being adapted into films, this film is actually better than the book. I read the book before I watched the film. As I watched the film, I asked myself a couple of times, “did I miss a chapter?” because there were things I discovered while watching the film. This stellar adaptation could be attributed to David Fincher and his signature direction, casting by Laray Mayfield and eerily tingling score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Mostly, the screenplay by the novel’s writer, Gillian Flynn is full of so much vivid language and constant dialogue.

The ensemble is quite stellar. It is interesting to see Neil Patrick Harris depart from the normal comedic roles audiences are used to seeing him in. Kim Dickens and Patrick Fugit make a great team. Even Tyler Perry, who I could not take seriously in the trailer, was good and did not overact to compensate being apart of this cast. There are multiple perspectives that make this story intriguing. Carrie Coon is also so good as Margot, Nick’s sister. Even the characters with supporting roles bring something unique for the story.

It is remarkable to see a female character that is so scarred and removed from reality because of being apart of “Amazing Amy” and the move back to her husband’s hometown. She had given so much of herself and no one gave to her or noticed her until she was gone.