"Hold it Against Me"


Where do I even begin with discussing “Gravity?” Oh yes, Sandra Bullock. Sandra is in top acting (and body) shape as Dr. Ryan Stone. Ryan’s grim circumstances with wavering faith to keep her goal of getting home floats this film with heavenly special effects.

One of the most striking parts of the film was that it began with no trailers played. The most impactful part of the film was that it keeps the mind running with room to only ask, “Dang, what is going to happen next?” I wonder if Ryan read her job description thoroughly before going into space?

As Matt Kowalski, George Clooney is George in a spacesuit: charming, optimistic and commanding. In the casting, this film brings a breath never charted. I can’t imagine two better actors who together can carry this story.

Steven Price composed an incredible score. The discovery exhibited through moments of panic and also through the moments of silence is brilliant. Also, the dry AM station music is an excellent touch. It would have been cool if Daft Punk did the score but that is neither here nor there.

Alfonso Cuaron is the complete business in his direction. He co-writes and co-produces this masterpiece. The scenes above earth are beautiful but the fact that all the destruction can occur is captivating.

“Gravity” is a drama with a touch of horror that is hopeful. It is remarkably achieved to be about time and perseverance when the rug is pulled underneath or in this case, force is the enemy.