"Justice League"

This is a stunning film. There is something interesting about the special effects. It’s like you are in a video game. The story is dark yet has humor. The story pretty much picks up from where “Batman vs. Superman” left off. It is helpful to have seen previous films in the series including “Man of Steel”. I could not make it through “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. That is why a bit of the film was confusing to me at first. Still, you pick up the film and can follow what has happened.

Steppenwolf was a real villain. He truly seemed invincible and drunk with vengeance.

The cast is great. Ezra Miller sets himself up well for a stand-alone film as The Flash. He is the comic relief. Jason Momoa is strong (literally and figuratively) as Aquaman. There is a glimpse of what his powers are, which made be held until his stand alone film. Gal Gadot is incredible as Wonder Woman. Ben Affleck is suave, a bit funny and a great Batman. He seems to show more power and action as Batman. Henry Cavill balanced being charming and commanding. Ray Fisher is fantastic as Cyborg. The film has a excellent supporting cast including Amy Adams, Joe Morton, Diane Lane, Jeremy Irons, Billy Crudup and Connie Nielsen.

Danny Elfman does a excellent job with the score. It compliments the film with originality.

Enjoy this film.