"Kick Ass"

America is waiting with breathless obsession for the birth of The Royal Baby. However, progress for change, in instances, has been about as slow as honey dripping onto a bullet.

“Kick Ass” takes some ideals and values in America: news media, heroism, violence, teen innuendos and parenting and turns it up beyond. Damon aka Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) shooting his daughter, Mindy aka Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) as a way to teach her how to tolerate pain and protect herself is about as disturbing as a scene gets. Dave (Aaron Johnson), in his Gumby-esque costume, fights street bullies and a CEO in his quest to be a real life superhero and make change.

Art reflects life. However, there is always conversation about how Hollywood features violence and often making Hollywood a scapegoat for real life violence. What should be the focus is if people understand the difference between what is on screen and what is real life?

With “Kick Ass 2” in theaters soon and star Jim Carrey not promoting the film, hopefully the continued conversation of violence will not be because of one film and Hollywood. It must be noted that “Kick Ass” is pretty satirical.

Side Note: Nicolas Cage delivered his best performance in a VERY long time and his look channeled George Harvey.