"Kick Ass 2"

“I’d rather be waterboarded that listen to Justin Bieber.”- Mindy M.

“Kick Ass 2” begins with Mindy aka Hit Girl using Dave aka Kick Ass as a human target for gun testing. Dave wants to try and enjoy his dismal senior year of high school but realizes it isn’t going to happen.

The violence and use of satire in the film tells again so well what is wrong in the world. The film holds a microscope on the news media’s obsession with the nothing. There are parts that are slow. Mindy still made the mugs of hot chocolate with lots of rainbow marshmallows. The way Mindy says “My Daddy” is so odd but identifies the love she has for him and also the brainwashing she holds. Oh, and RIP Big Daddy.

Donald Faison was a great addition to the cast as Dr. Gravity along with Morris Chestnut who was re-casted as Marcus, Mindy’s guardian. Jim Carrey was unrecognizable as Colonel Stars and Stripes. Chloe Grace Moretz gives the audience the best of both worlds as Mindy and Hit Girl and shows the teenage angst power struggle she has between wanting to fight crime and being picked on for not having sucked face yet. Chloe carries this film in comedic, action packed and dramatic scenes. Lyndsey Fonseca, who plays Dave’s girlfriend, wasn’t needed in the film. Dave’s dad, James as well as Dave’s friends got more screen time.

Chris Mintz-Plasse’s facial patches were creepier than a motherf*cker.