"Last Flag Flying"

A beautiful and authentic portrayal where grief, honor and friendship anchor this story.

Steve Carell gives solemn grit as Doc, whose son died in the war. Doc links up with buddies who served in the war with him. Men that he wants to help bury his son. Bryan Cranston delivers biting humor and drama as Sal, a bar owner & Laurence Fishburne plays Mueller with wisdom, sympathy and no nonsense. J. Quinton Johnson establishes himself with acting greats. His charm and dramatic strength serve well for the storyline.

Writer Richard Linklater and Daniel Posnican, who adapted his book, weave a story with layers. There is the aftermath of fighting in the war, coping with growing older and reminiscing on what used to be. Linklater, who also directed, captures the East Coast in trains, UHaul and automobiles.

The very last scene made me feel heartbreak and hope.