"Last Vegas"

“Cheers to the first bachelor party that may be covered by Medicare.”

2013 has been a great year in film for drama. Sadly, I haven’t got much of a buzz this year from comedy. “Last Vegas” is completely an exception. Writer Dan Fogelman created an endearing, engaging and realistic story about four lifelong buddies Sam, Paddy, Archie and Billy, also known as the “Flatbush Four,” who get together in Las Vegas for Billy’s wedding to an infant, er, woman half his age. The story had a great balance of friendship, love and hate. The saddest part was seeing how superficial many young women can be (big engagement rings only, wearing bikinis poolside, etc).

Mark Mothersbaugh, the score artist of my childhood, created a varied score of EDM, old school and jazz club blues. Jennifer Jobst told a great story through clothes. Mary Steenburgen, who played Diana a blues singer, looked fabulous in each of her outfits, particularly a floral jumpsuit, camel leather jacket, platforms and hoop earrings. Okay, on to the men. There were fanny packs, orthopedic shoes and bowler leagues shirts. Then when the guys were partying, Sam (Kevin Kline) in particular was wearing a teal blazer. It was very Rat Packesque.

Kevin Kline, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas were great. They each were in their own acting lane. Kevin was special because he hasn’t starred in a film in a long time yet commanded the screen. That is the level the young generation of actors should work to achieve in their career. Jerry Ferrara held his own, moving the “club douche” role into a respectable man. Romany Malco was solid in a small role. Michael Ealy was perfect as the overprotective son of Archie (Morgan Freeman.) The film didn’t turn out to be “Think Like a Man” remix. The story helps young people empathize with what it is like to grow old. For older people, this story is a way to see their life onscreen. Also, through these men, how people can find the strength to move forward in life.