"Logan Lucky"

I got this movie for Adam Driver and Riley Keough. I stayed for the bad southern accents that seemed intentional and the intriguing storyline that unfolded. Imagine if Danny Ocean had second cousins from West Virginia that he didn’t ask to be a part of the crew but were highly skilled and motivated. It seems fitting because Steven Soderbergh directed this film and the “Ocean’s” trilogy.

Jimmy Logan, played smoothly by Channing Tatum, is a scrappy and hungry father who works one off jobs. When he reunites with his sister, Mellie playfully and masterfully acted by Riley Keough, and their brother, Clyde, played wonderfully by Adam Driver a master plan kicks into high gear. Katie Holmes plays Bobbie Jo, the mother of Jimmy’s daughter Sadie (played by Farrah Mackenzie with cute and cool). With Seth McFarlane, Hillary Swank, Katherine Waterston and Daniel Craig in the supporting cast, Casting Director Carmen Cuba brought together a strong ensemble.

This film is so ridiculous it’s hilarious with a screenplay written by Rebecca Blunt. The locations of West Virginia and Charlotte, NC showcase a part of America that rarely gets time onscreen.

The music is the pulse of this film by David Holmes. It is a country high speed along with a slow drawl.

Enjoy this film.