"Love is Strange"

This is a slow paced film and character story is anchored by Alfred Molina and John Lithgow. They play George and Ben, a couple who has been together for 39 years and finally get married. When George goes back to work as a choir director at a Catholic school, he is fired because of his marriage. He is beloved by students and parents but is still let go. This puts the newly married couple in a crisis where they have to rely on family.

Marisa Tomei plays Kate, who is married to Elliot, Ben’s nephew. The cast is small and relatively unknown but makes for a good ensemble. Charlie Tahan who plays Joey, the son to Kate and Elliot, is wonderfully emotional trying to understand the changes of being a teenager and grasping the family dynamics.

The piano balances being upbeat and moody. It makes a great soundtrack for this film. Writers Ira Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias create a marvelous and melancholy reality to love amidst the pace of the film. Sachs also directs and captures the beauty of New York City, which seems to be a part of the pulse of the relationship between George and Ben.

I recommend this film. The ending I especially enjoyed because it was unexpected.