"Molly's Game"

A game of memory cards is high stakes for me. A elite poker club was just a blip of this film. This is Molly Bloom’s story, someone who I had never heard of. There could have been a whole film about her skiing career. The flashbacks come in a timeline that carries the story. The film is dramatic, has a scene of violence, risky and humorous.

Jessica Chastain is a phenomenal actor. To be the lead woman, her performance anchored this film. Idris Elba is fantastic with a semi bad New York accent as Charles Jaffey, Molly’s lawyer. There is a monologue where he speaks for at least a minute. That had to have been the greatest breath of air when he finished speaking. Kevin Costner co-stars as Molly’s father and continues his signature smooth and captivating caliber of acting. Michael Cera is Michael Cera. I was more interested in his uneven hairline. Jeremy Strong plays Dean Keith, who brings Molly into the underbelly of wealth, excess and lack of self-control.

Aaron Sorkin has established himself as a extraordinary writer. Do the actor’s complete breathing exercises before they say his dialogue? This is a incredible story to tackle for his directorial debut. There are some parts that are not as strong as others. Still, your eyes do not leave the screen.

P.S. There is a actor who favored Scott Stapp. I could not stop wondering if Scott was one of the real life players.