"Moonrise Kingdom"

Two twelve year old kids who found love in a hopeless place. The year is 1965. The setting is an island, New Penzance to be specific. Bruce Willis looks his age as Captain Sharp the seemingly sole police representation on the island. Kids are causing all the trouble while adults bicker about keeping Sam and Suzy far away from each other. Sam and Suzy are the two twelve year olds who found love in a hopeless place by the way.

Boys Scouts today is going through quite the shift. Edward Norton is Scout Master Ward. The essentials and basics for life skills survival are no match for the upcoming storm that will shower the island. Tilda Swinton plays a whole entity, Social Services, with idiosyncrasy that is just so wonderful.

The film is purely great storytelling for the imagination. A signature that is refreshing to watch whether or not you are familiar with Wes Anderson’s work. When Sam talks with Suzy in the woodsy back area of a chapel about their future while a kid is in the background jumping on a trampoline IS Wes Anderson. The story has a Big or Stand by Me feeling, having kids with adult responsibilities while full of adventure and language. Scout Master Ward excuses his language when he says “hell” while talking on the phone but Sam says “damn” and “bitch” unapologetically. Suzy likes to checkout books from the library and may return them at some point, which begs the question: where is the library on that big island?

For Edward’s previous roles in American History Ex and Fight Club as well as Bruce’s in every action movie ever made (Not really. Just Die Hard, The Expendables and the continuing Red series among others), it’s interesting how they were able to play their stylized, quirky and humorous characters. Suzy comes from a conventional family. Sam does not. They both fell for each other and grew beyond first loves. Let’s bring back pen pals back shall we? The cute one worded exchanges between Sam and Suzy were precious for life on this lonely island. Beyond first love, Moonrise Kingdom reveals the thin line between adult and child.

Favorite quotes:

“How are we going to get those fish hooks* out?”

“Can you give them the nickels? I’m worried about their future.”

After Sam and Suzy French kiss after their first kiss. Suzy, “It was hard.” Sam, “Do you mind?”