This movie for the most part was so quiet. I could hear myself chewing my candy. It is also a strange movie. A lot for your senses. It’s like it didn’t know what to be. A horror film? A psychological thriller? An ode to Occupy Wall Street?

Jennifer Lawrence gives a strong performance. To watch her watch everyone else not feel the fear that she does keeps you on your toes. Javier Bardem gave a good performance. Michelle Pfeiffer is a goddess. Watching her command the screen is a gift. Ed Harris plays a dopey, odd character. He is good in the role. There are other surprises that keep the film interesting.

A lot of credit should be given to Philip Messina, who is the production designer, and Danny Glicker, who is the costume designer. Darren Aronofsky gives brilliant and signature direction. Still, some parts of the film are stupid. Go see it for yourself. Maybe the meaning of the film is up for your interpretation.