"Murder on the Orient Express"

I have such wanderlust after seeing this film. The locations include the picturesque Jordan and Istanbul.

I am reminded why I love going into the movies. This film packs drama, humor and action. There are comedic gems that you catch after the fact. Costume Designer Alexandra Byrne does a stellar job. All of the characters have a unique style. Judi Dench wears a matching necklace and earrings set and it is a mood.

Usually casts with this magnitude of actors goes awry. However, this was a great use of a cast. Daisy Ridley shows herself as a wonderful actor in a charming and mysterious performance. Leslie Odom Jr. is wonderful and showcases his strength as a actor. I said it once and I’ll say it again: Michelle Pfeiffer is a goddess. Penelope Cruz plays a quiet role outstandingly. Josh Gad is excellent (He is having quite a year!). Judi Dench is a living acting legend. Johnny Depp is alluring. I love seeing him in a ensemble. Willem Dafoe is great. Tom Bateman is great as well, carrying himself with Kenneth Branagh’s character. Lucy Boynton and Sergei Polunin play a couple with intrigue, slyness and a touch of a fiery attitude. Casting Director Lucy Bevan accomplished putting this ensemble together.

Director Kenneth Branagh does a fantastic job capturing the details of the film. He manuevers the camera in a unique manner. He also uses mis-en-scene. It adds to the drama to the whodunit. He pulls double duty well. His mustache is also wonderful. While I have not read the book, I assume this film is true to it. Writer Michael Green does excellent work with the script.

There are surprises throughout the film. Music by Patrick Doyle heightened each scene incredibly.

Enjoy this film.