The black and white of the film attributed to the dreary lives of the characters. “Nebraska” is the destination for Woody (Bruce Dern), reflective of his slow life yet determination to get what he whole-heartedly believes belongs to him. David (Will Forte) in an effort to please his parents takes his father to Nebraska. Bruce Dern is excellent in capturing the unwilling purpose of getting what he believes is his. Will Forte was great. He showcased his ability as an actor and not just an SNL player. The film had an ensemble with supporting characters specifically Woody’s nephews Cole (Devin Ratray) and Bart (Tim Driscoll).

June Squibb. She earned her Academy Award nomination. As Kate, she did not play an old cranky woman but a person. Everyone has a family member like her. Kate had a majority of the funny lines but June’s stubborn, profanity laced delivery was perfection. Costume design should have also been recognized more. With June’s brunch coat and Woody’s plaid wool jacket, the clothing were quintessential to the character’s lives and location.

For a film at 1 hour and fifty-four minutes, the time would typically feel long. However, each piece of the sleepy town scenes were apart of Woody’s determination to get the money. “Nebraska” is delightful and heartwarming with bursts of laughter and quirk.