When I heard Russell Crowe and Emma Watson were going to be in a film co-written and directed by Darren Aronofsky called “Noah,” I was not only excited but also curious what the story was going to be about that would bring these talents together? I had no idea it would be the biblical story Noah. For Aronofsky, this film seemed to be an ambitious project because of his work in independent film. I found out more of the cast and liked the reteaming of Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, who delivers awe strikingly as Noah’s wife Naameh. There is Connelly and Aronofsky reteaming as well as Emma Watson, who is stunning in her dramatic role as Ila reteaming, although in few scenes, with Logan Lerman, who has a definitive supporting role as Ham.

“Noah” is visually appealing, well written and as expected bravura performances ignite the screen. Clint Mansell crafted the most hauntingly beautiful score. Sir Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah has very few scenes but is commanding as ever. The biblical story seemed to translate today to climate change. Yes, that is a stretch but you really see how Earth was created, destroyed and created again and now being destroyed.

I would recommend seeing “Noah” in theaters. You want to see the effects on the big screen and hear the surround sound of every wave crashing and scream of people who are trying to survive their impending death.