"Not Another Teen Movie"


If you are going to remake an iconic classic, it better be the bee’s knees.

“Carrie,” in all its scary goodness, is a generational story but with the stories of bullying and mental health today, this version no longer captures something that is original.

No one can play Carrie like Sissy Spacek and it continues to be that way. Chloe Grace Moretz is a great young actress but in this film, she brought nothing interesting to the role except the sympathy towards a few of her classmates. Original Carrie showed no mercy. Julianne Moore in this film is just an out of her mind lady who took a break from moisturizing and shampooing. Alex Russell better hope that “Chronicle 2” happens because his days of playing a “bad boy” should end with this film. The mean girls are now sleazy girls looking for fun in their small town boredom. To be up with the times, Carrie’s first period was documented on camera phone. Judy Greer is the best part of this film. She was sympathetic and bubbly as P.E. teacher Ms. Desjardin. The best part was seeing Carrie giggly as she felt the fabric for the dress she made for prom and it was a beautiful dress. Seeing Margaret, Carrie’s mother, out of the house was unnecessary.

The most iconic scenes of this film were just scenes. Kimberly Peirce directed this film, which was exciting as she was at the helm for “Boys Don’t Cry,” but the direction fell completely flat. With the technology today, special effects should have been spectacular but it was so cheesy. Sigh, this movie was bad.

The original “Carrie” is a classic and now should no longer be touched.