"Obvious Child"

For Donna Stern, nightclub comic and clerk at a failing bookstore, life is hard is an understatement. She is recently single after a relationship that was only good for her comedic material. A fun evening with an upstanding man leads to a one night stand which produces a problem for Donna in her struggling finances and unstable life.

Jenny Slate is wonderful as Donna in her dry humor and dramatic delivery. Richard Kind and Polly Draper play Donna’s parents and are great in their supporting roles. David Cross plays Sam, a comedian and acquaintance of Donna’s, and is great as he is creepy. The relatively unknown cast makes this film enjoyable. Jake Lacy plays Max, Donna’s one night stand turned something more, and is delightful. Gaby Hoffman is Nellie, Donna’s sensible and caring best friend, and is wonderful. Gabe Liedman, who plays Joey, Donna and Nellie’s friend and a great support to Donna, is hilarious.

The film is funny, romantic and thoroughly charming. Also, the length makes the film a great watch. Director Gillian Robespierre adapted her co-written story and it is relatable and feels original. This film is also not just an abortion comedy although abortion is a subject.