“Power is the juice. Get used to drinking it.”- Jock Goddard

The first thirty minutes of “Paranoia” did not look like it was going to change the game. Broke son has financial obligations to his sick father and believes that one break will change his life, gets the dream job with precautions, leaves his best friend behind, gets caught up with a pretty girl and mess. Yawn. Then, pieces come together through the film to form a great ending.

What is ironic about this film is that there are two high profile tech companies but everyone was using Macs, I-Pads and I-Phones for communication.

Embeth Davidtz as Dr. Judith Bolton was captivating and incredibly smart. Harrison Ford is the entire “yes” as Jock Goddard with his buzzed cut full of gray. Gary Oldman as Nicholas Wyatt was brilliantly cold and maniacal. Amber Heard as Emma Jennings was great. It was good that Emma wasn’t a “club ho” but a young woman with means and drive. Liam Hemsworth, in his starring role, was solid as Adam.

There was a clear tone of the difference between the 99% and the 1%, the latter noted by Nicholas to Adam as “the other half.” Technology, as it progresses, has the potential to destroy the real world. Youth with social media and after graduation life was beyond clichéd in this film. The music was good. Robert Luketic directed which is cute because he also directed “Legally Blonde.”