Charming, humorous, engaging and heartbreaking, “Philomena” boasts fine performances and awe-struck chemistry between Steve Coogan, who also serves as screenwriter and Judi Dench, who play Martin Sixsmith and Philomena Lee, respectively.

Based on a true story, revealed in the film is companionship and that life does not always have a happy ending but is honest. Director Stephen Frears pays incredible attention to detail for moving the story in location and presence. Co-Screenwriter Jeff Pope created a script that allows the film to breathe for the audience’s enjoyment.

Steve Coogan balances drama and comedy to make the genres mold into one, as does Judi Dench. Seeing her eloquently explain the plot line for “Big Momma’s House” while finding it hysterical is graceful. Her moments of curiosity and small moments of quiet are mesmerizing. Judi as Philomena also has some great tongue in cheek moments.

The film focuses on the title character but gives time to learn about Martin, who is writing a profile about Philomena, and his fears and failures but also his discovery. This film is powerful in its emotional depth and splendor.