"Pitch Perfect 2"

Insert all puns related to the title while talking about this film. It is hilarious and everyone shows their funny bone. Still, it is Rebel Wilson’s antics that make this film. The film could have been predictable but carried a strong storyline throughout. Also, the storyline focuses on what life could be like after college and the close-knit a cappella group that is the Barden Bellas. Through that storyline, Becca (Anna Kendrick) has an addition to her role. There are great cameos throughout the film as well. It is amazing to continue to see how big and popular a cappella groups are. Hailee Steinfeld is a great addition to the cast, as Emily the daughter of a Barden Bella. John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks are back and use satire to discuss the issues related to how women are viewed in society. Elizabeth Banks also delivers in her directorial debut.