The year is 1984. Hair is high, pants are tight, politics are heavy and homophobia is real. The time does not sound much different than now. In this film, based on the true story of Britain’s longest strike in history, the Lesbians and Gays for Steel Miners, or LGSM, begin raising money for the British steel miners who are on strike. The organization sees that they share the same struggles with the strikers. Coins add up to dollars but no one around the organization’s London office want their money because they are embarassed. Lo and behold, a union in South Wales decides to allow LGSM to support them much to the hate of many of the steel workers.

Fiona Weir casts a strong ensemble of Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West, Ben Schnetzer, Faye Marsay and George McKay. Menna Trussler completely steals the film with her curiosity of lesbians and gay nightlife. Christopher Nightingale perfects the time of the 80s with his music score. Writer Stephen Beresford details the perspectives of homophobes and allies alike. This time is at the height of the AIDS virus, which was also noted in the film by one of the characters as Anally Injected Death Sentence.

The film is dramatic yet energetic, funny and cheeky.