"Proud Mary"

The reason to see this film are the scenes between Mary (Taraji P. Henson) and Danny (Jahi Winston). There are quips that don’t make this film a comedy but shows characters who laugh at their pain. Their scenes are strong and often times loving. Mary feels indebted to Danny but she also recognizes herself in him, which makes her protective of him. Jahi plays Danny with unstoppable heart. Danny is thrusted into a life that no one should experience. Jahi held his own with Danny Glover. Really any person that he had a scene with. Jahi balances being mature with remembering that he is a boy. If you can’t tell, I loved his performance.

This film is not perfect. The story feels rushed. I wish there was more of a reason for Mary to kill her hits. The reasons for the killings were typical. Give it some edge! Most of the action was unrealistic. Danny Glover seemed tired in his role as a crime boss. I loathed Tom played by Billy Brown. He told his dad, played by Danny Glover, EVERYTHING! Stop snitching. He also had no mind of his own.

The music is good composed by Fil Eisler, pulling old school and new school for the scenes. I liked that the film was set in Boston. It’s great to see a film in a different location besides New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta.