"Red 2"

“Style is the only constant in life” may not be the first quote you think for the explosive film, “Red 2.” Don’t just call this film a sequel. Whether or not you see “Red” first, this film upgrades your imagination to new territories. The film goes through Europe and while taking names and killing ‘em is a real laugh out loud.

Bruce Willis is a Bald Head Wunderkind showing no mercy in scenes fresher than any other action role he’s had (And he’s had quite a few.) Catherine Zeta-Jones is commanding and as sensual as a lick behind the ear. Dame Helen Mirren is regal gypsy nitrate and Anthony Hopkins channels his role in “Proof” to finish evil paybacks. Lee Byong-hun delivers do-not-blink moments with the sexiest funny bone. And then there is the great John Malkovich.

“Red 2” is what a summer action comedy should be. The film does no stress on your mind with extra fluff and stuff. There are also many sartorial choices from fedoras to peacoats to sleek suits. And yes, John Malkovich, who as Marvin is more loyal than anyone trying to get cool at the public pool.