“Rush” is breathless through the action as well as the drama. There is regality in international race car driving with Tokyo, Sao Paolo, Monaco as just some of the beautiful locations. There were so many languages in the film that it could have made Rosetta Stone confused. Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) is the sophisticated and knowledgeable race car driver and businessman. James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) likes to party and bullshit. Both are motivated by the number one spot. While the rivalry was present, there were also moments of sympathy shared. Race car driving is a boys club even in the press conferences. Descriptions of the car being a “bomb on wheels” and “little coffin” fed the adrenaline of the risk of death.

Daniel Bruhl gives a performance that is so incredible its unreal. He delivered the best monologues and cursed with so much feeling. One of the best quotes in the film was “Tell the priest to fuck off. I’m still alive.” Niki’s emotions poured through with resisting the ego and accepting the ego as well, splashing bottles of champagne just as James did when he would win a race. Olivia Wilde was good, although barely in the film, and boasts one of the best British accents for an American actor. Chris Hemsworth playing this role showed his ability as an actor and not just a hottie who can carry a hammer, which he does mighty well.

Ron Howard’s direction drives this film. The focus on the engine, the terrible weather conditions and the intimate scenes are apart of that essence in his direction. Hans Zimmer must dream in music notes because it is incredible how he continues to create scores that are movies alone. “Rush” tells of real life and relates to power, access, excess and insecurity.