When the most misunderstood and messed up character in a film is a notable author and psychologist, the story begs to not be analyzed. However, Henry Carter (Kevin Spacey) is the aforementioned psychologist and also a chronic marijuana user. He sits across from Hollywood types, actors, agents and former acting luminaries, and listens to their problems. When Henry is “asked” to do work pro-bono for a young girl named Jemma (Keke Palmer) who rather sit in a old movie theater that plays classic films than be in school, all of Henry’s Hollywood clients some how connect together.

The film also stars Jack Huston, Dallas Roberts, Jesse Plemons and Saffron Burrows. Robin Williams played Jack Holden, in a uncredited role, the aging film luminary who is one of Henry’s patients. The film intrigued me because Keke Palmer was sharing scenes with Kevin Spacey. It was the meeting of talents establishing and established, respectively. The story is decent but pulled together by a great cast for this independent film.

There is a gem line from Jack Holden and how he feels about his wife, sexually: “She makes me harder than Chinese Algebra.”