This film is very entertaining. The cast is stellar. They all are playing roles that are outside of what audiences know of them. Melissa McCarthy takes on more action and many aliases as Susan Cooper, a down in luck CIA analyst who has the opportunity to be a spy. Jason Statham is really funny. It is a great layer to the tough guy role he also plays. Rose Byrne is perfect as villain Rayna Boyanov. She is a wonderful character actor. Bobby Cannavale is a suave as villain Sergio De Luca. I always swoon over Allison Janney, who plays Susan’s boss. Jude Law is also great as Bradley Fine, one of the top CIA agents. It is refreshing to see him in this kind of role. Miranda Hart holds her own with this cast as Sarah, Susan’s friend and co-worker who gets in the action. Writer/Director Paul Feig brings a hilarious and explosive film. This film also takes place throughout Europe and boasts a great soundtrack.