TBTo the Screen

Blue Crush:

There are some films that are unavoidable. One about surfers struggling to achieve their dreams while in hot bikinis and nut huggers with the backdrop being Hawaii is exactly what I am talking about.

Anne Marie, played by Kate Bosworth, is up before the sun swimming to chase her dream of winning the pipe masters competition. Personal struggles (trying to pay the telephone bill, a near druggie sister, a absent mother) push her perseverance until she meets a pro football player and hookups nearly threaten all the work and perseverance she had been putting in. 

I see why people talk about this film and why E! plays it nearly EVERY FREAKIN’ WEEKEND. The film is lighthearted, encouraging, dramatic and all in all a good weekend movie. However, the question is begged if this film will become a cult classic? Are these the kind of films that we will look forward to reminiscing in our old age? I’ll pump the brakes on that question. Sure, there are a few one-liners and if you got the nut hugger joke from the beginning of this post, then you must back away from watching this film!!!!! So what is memorable about this film?