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Intolerable Cruelty:

In the realm of great sibling duos in film (Hughes Brothers, Wachowski siblings, Ben and Casey Affleck), the Coen Brothers make weird, quirky films that are so grand with storytelling that is real in addition to being amusing.

George Clooney is at his best. Cedric the Entertainer as the underrated actor he is. Catherine Zeta-Jones is as irresistible as a slick tongue. Billy Bob Thornton is there to get the woman just like he does off screen. The sanctity of marriage is beautiful like a venomous snake. Once sucked dry, divorce is an injection where the woman will have an “empty glass to keep her warm at night.” The meeting for The National Organization of Marriage Attorney National also known as “N.O.M.A.N” is one of the most well articulated contrasts for a scene in film.

This film is a comedy, romance and drama as never seen before. Beyond a satire, one of the best scenes in the film is when Miles is standing still while letting the tennis ball from the automatic machine hit against the racket. Miles is so sad and lonely but is so accurate as a character in this “journey called life.”

The music is unexpected and dramatic, complimenting, according to this film, the motion of life: fall in like, get married and get divorced. With also achieving your goals but not being satisfied: Miles and his iron clad pre-nup agreement and Marylin’s money, these characters move through life in a way I can’t quite put my finger on. Intolerable Cruelty pulses on a nerve that is disheveled and most apparent after Miles gets married. Full of love, money and achievement all wrapped around a silver ring of represented terror, this film displays the jaw dropping you can’t believe that was shot Non, je ne regrettte rein.