TBTo the Screen


I once knew a guy named Ransom. He was weird. The pulse gripping, cat & mouse affair of the same name is not. Wealth, power, greed and prominence are life imitating art for Mel Gibson maybe not too much personally but with a film that he later produced called “Paparrazi.” The media hungry news stations and public are what drove Ransom. The only source of entertainment for the kidnappers, played by a group of later to be acting stars including Liev Schreiber, Donnie Wahlberg and Evan Handler, was the news. The New York public had their opinion about the kidnapping and was at the center story of this film.

Tom Mullen, played by Gibson, is a wealthy airline executive. Gary Sinise’s character Jimmy Shaker kidnaps Tom’s son Sean in strategic plain sight. It appears to be all about the love Tom has for Sean, desperately doing anything to get him back but quickly turns to an obsession as Tom becomes smarter than Jimmy. The lunacy that enrages Jimmy as he tried to keep his plan from crumbling made Tom smarter as well. Here are two completely different people becoming connected by power. Tom had the success and wealth. Jimmy had Tom’s precious little boy and controlled the show. When it was thought that Jimmy killed Sean, Tom thinks about committing suicide but sees that the whole world is still moving on as his pain and selfishness grows instead of dessimates. That is when Jimmy and Tom seemingly mold into the same person.

Delroy Lindo. Rene Russo. This film had one of the strongest ensembles that was signature of a 90s film. There are some items that should not be available to the public, one of those items being a voice distracter thinga mabob. The film, so violent and vulgar, was on TV an early Saturday Morning. This riveting film, which has more twists than Mulholland Drive, also shows Ron Howard’s genius as a director.

Random Thought: Gary Sinise and Christopher Reid could pass as brothers from maybe not so different mothers.